How To Become Eligible for Airtel Double Data

 It can be really exciting when you get double the data whenever you subscribe to a data plan. Although this offer is available on the Airtel network, very few Airtel customers are aware of it. And those who manage to know about it still find it difficult to get this offer because it is based on eligibility.

But in this post, I will talk about what the Airtel Double data plan actually is, and how you can become eligible for it.

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What is Airtel Double Data

Airtel double data is an offer from Airtel Nigeria, that gives customers twice the volume of data when they subscribe to any existing Airtel data plan.

Usually, the data is split into two, your main data, which is the plan you subscribe to. And a 100% bonus data.

Let's say for example you are eligible( see how to be eligible below) for the Airtel double data. If you subscribe to the N500 for 750MB, you will get 750MB as your main data and an additional 750MB as your bonus data. Making it 1.5GB in total for only N500.

Customers who are eligible for the Airtel double data plan will only get the double data when they subscribe to the main Airtel data plan. These are the plan you will find when you dial *141# and then press 2. Which are the daily, weekly and monthly data plan. This does not however, include special data offers such as the binge data plan, social plan or Night plan. You will not get double the data if you subscribe to the special data plans or offers.

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How To Become Eligible For Airtel Double Data

Airtel have been less open about the eligibility requirements for the double data offer. But here are a few ways you can increase your chances of being eligible for this offer.

Get a new Airtel 4G SIM.

I notice that new Airtel 4G SIM usually qualify for the double data offer. Apart from the double data, you will also get free 4GB of data when you buy a new Airtel 4G SIM. I talked about this in details here.

But the free 4GB is only usable on the 4G network. Which means your Mobile phone needs to be 4G enabled for you to use the 4GB data. If you don't get the offer automatically, just send GET to 141.

Since this offer on new 4G SIM is a market strategy, there is no way to know for sure how long it will run. But as at the time of writing (2019), customers can enjoy this offers when they get a new Airtel 4G SIM.

New Mobile Phone.

This was how I became eligible for the Airtel double data offer. Which I have been using for a while now. But I did not actually buy a new mobile phone. Here is how it happened.

Since I use a dual SIM phone, my Airtel SIM have always been on SIM 2. One day, I decided to switch it to SIM 1 and to my surprised I got a message from Airtel that read

Did you know that new Smartphones on Airtel qualify for 100% Data bonus for up to 6 months? This means you can get 3GB for only N1000,7GB for N2000 or even 1.5GB for just N500. To redeem your FREE DATA now, text GET to 141.

So Airtel detected by mobile phone as a new one. When in fact it wasn't. But not everyone will be as lucky as I was. But you can be sure that new mobile phones will qualify for the offer, or at least a phone that hasn't used the Airtel network before.
Although there's no special code for the double data, Sometimes you might need to send Get to 141 to become eligible.


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