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How To Become Eligible for Airtel Double Data

 It can be really exciting when you get double the data whenever you subscribe to a data plan. Although this offer is available on the Airtel network, very few Airtel customers are aware of it. And those who manage to know about it still find it difficult to get this offer because it is based on eligibility. But in this post, I will talk about what the Airtel Double data plan actually is, and how you can become eligible for it. See Also: Airtel Data 1GB for N 200, 2GB for N500 - Special Data Offer What is Airtel Double Data Airtel double data is an offer from Airtel Nigeria, that gives customers twice the volume of data when they subscribe to any existing Airtel data plan. Usually, the data is split into two, your main data, which is the plan you subscribe to. And a 100% bonus data. Let's say for example you are eligible( see how to be eligible below) for the Airtel double data. If you subscribe to the N500 for 750MB, you will get 750MB as your main data and an additional 750MB as